Apophenia Deck by LaraFlack

December 02, 2018 | By Albertus
Apophenia Deck by LaraFlack

(Published at December 02, 2018 | By Albertus)

Here we would like to present an interesting artwork, a 44 page deck of @LaraFlack. Lara was a participant in Apophenia 2 Course started at beginning of 2018. This is a short message from her.

Developed within our Apophenia class, these Tarot cards were born as both a divination tool and an aid to self exploration. Indeed, the very process of creating them was like a journey in the deep territories of the mind, reaching down to the subconscious realm. I had to listen to many of my hidden Selves to help the process go on. Indeed, as @Albertus beautifully reminded me, "if you go to the deepest point inside, you reach to the highest outside". Been watching inwards, in order to see things take shape on the material plane...

Each card had the Apophenia Wand at its very core. I used an image of the beautiful Wand created by @Hannes, though I modified it from card to card... making it looking always slightly different, but endlessly there, always present...

Each card involved both imagery and songs - that is, I included song quotes and tips on which music could be linked to the specific card. This was often the music I was actually listening to during the very Card-making process. The overall feeling was that of a non-physical journey... and a non-physical alchemical experiment, too. Very trippy, even mind-bending at times. And in this slightly altered state (which took place in a natural way) I could notice several synchronicities at work... the proper image at the proper time... Octarine appearing on a CD cover... tentacles suddenly popping out... and the King in Yellow never being too far...

I started the journey with a "sink your heart into your mind" feeling. It initially felt like going nowhere, and it then revealed utterly powerful on the creative side. The very process of making the Cards was in itself a divination... and a way to look at myself, like in a dark mirror.

Apohenia Tarot is meant to be a "shuffle-in-the-dark" card deck. Otherwise the seeker would willingly pick the card they want - not the one they need... since both sides have pictures or info. The process sounds like: you turn lights off (even better if it's night time), shuffle cards, pick one; then, and only then, you light a LITTLE light (a wee torch, a candle; even your smartphone) and direct it to that one card only (the one in your hand).

You may have electronic or otherwise hypnotic / trance enhancing music (or any sort of music you like) playing while doing the shuffle and the reading. Then, if you wish, you can turn to the music track(s) suggested on the back of the card. All of them are available on YouTube, just one click away.

Download the Cards in JPEG of PDF format.


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