Codes of Chaos

December 02, 2018 | By Albertus
Codes of Chaos

(Published at December 02, 2018 | By Albertus)

Using Ouranian Barbaric language is a way to bypass the psychic censor. It is practical tool for writing invocation and evocation texts, rituals or mantras for daily use. It can be used for many purpose and it just as simple as effective. @krjacksor our kind member of the college made some truly niche work when he created an online English / Ouranian Barbaric translator on lingojam. Some other code, like a csv version of dictionary (primarily downloaded from ChaosMatrix), and a simple command line translation tool also available by his effort. We happily share the links to his works here.

Beyond that, and among many other things, two other applications are also the results of last year of college (works of @Albertus). Both application targeting the visual part of our mind, and stimulates it to enter into unusual states, but on different way. ChaosMirror using the technique of sensory deprivation, while Pentachoron follows the way described in book Esotericon.

Apophenia the tenth muse, the goddess of development may lead us. If you also like her, here you can download her freely available 3D statue.


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