A new approach to an ancient ritual:

June 16, 2015 | By admin
Banishing in light of new geometries of space and time.
by Jonathan Stovall.

As a Physicist who also holds a degree in Anthropology, I tend to look for innovative, scientific methods to infuse into traditional methods of ritual. This adaptability, along with the highly personal nature of the workings in magic, is a major reason the Chaos magical paradigm seems the most sensible, usable, malleable, “structure” for ritual work.

Highest praise goes to Peter Carroll for delving fully into the quagmire of physics known as Cosmology. His relentless work tackling this immense, confusing, contradictory, and academically vicious realm heralds the ideas of a true visionary on the verge of a breakthrough, opening this path to all who have less of a capacity to grasp such grandiose concepts. In my own  humble opinion, we truly “know” about as much about the universe, as one would see on an old woodcarving. You know, the old geocentric figure with a shell of stars surrounding it? However, humans are much better at manipulating things within the universe based on the plethora of knowledge obtained in the last few Millennia. Venturing into the foray of new geometries of space and time, however, is worth the extreme effort of creative mental gymnastics. By discovering the intricacies and nuances of the structure of reality, one may more effectively utilize and exploit the universe to bring it more completely under the control of the desire of the magician, guided by the force of will.

I have created a quick banishing/cleansing ritual that I use often. I hold a reverence for the theories of Buckminster Fuller, especially his geometric interpretation of the fabric of the universe. We all know of synergy and the like, but he also conceived of a geometry based on the tetrahedron and the sphere as the basic units of measure for energy/matter of the  universe. This allows for mathematical interpretations and models using the closest packing of spheres, a 60° omnidirectional coordinate system, and whole rational numbers. His is a truly omnirational, comprehensive approach to modelling reality, as well as psychological concepts. His work is online at:http://www.rwgrayprojects.com/synergetics/synergetics.html

It’s lengthy, complex, extremely verbose, and unforgivably unreadable after a certain point, but as any work of genius the core principles shine through. I digress.

certain point, but as any work of genius the core principles shine through. I digress. I begin (standing or sitting) by imagining a tetrahedron (point up or down depending on the situation) emanating and expanding from my hara or center. I allow this tetrahedron to grow to an appropriate size, and then I imagine the opposite tetrahedron occurring in the same  fashion. If appropriate, I will draw these tetrahedra with my hands, magical instruments, or whatever. I then imagine a sphere of energy projecting from my center to the edge of the interlocked tetrahedra, circumscribing it. Thus I have formed a 3D version of a hexagram, with a bounding sphere pushing all unwanted energies out of the area. Each tetrahedron’s  corner can represent a classic element (fire, water, air, earth.) Also, there are a total of eight tetrahedron points, inferring a star of chaos, and hidden forces. This structure also holds a cube, for any two interlocking tetrahedra always form the true inner structure that supports the frame of a cube. Numerous geometric forms can be added as ‘shells’ if necessary,  but this is usually a quickie.

Another option for the ritual is to keep the geometric structures in flux, particularly the interlocking tetrahedra. This can effectively be used as a ‘screen’ for either containing, or eliminating ‘energies.’ These figures may be as complex as one can imagine, appropriate to the force needed. The spheres may also be projected to any imaginable location. Protect  yourself, or someone on the other side of the Earth. The effectiveness of this technique seems to stem from the nature of the fundamental geometry itself. The only hindrance to this technique is the inability to visualize, or manifest the structures.

No tools are necessary, so this may truly be used as an open hand technique. It can even be done inconspicuously. No one need know what you are doing. It can be performed anytime, anywhere, without overtly drawing attention to one’s self, and at a moment’s notice.

Explore your creative mental facilities. Embrace the cutting edge theories of time, space, and geometry to strengthen your practical magical work. And above all, be flexible in the application of these suggestions. Perhaps unimagined geometries are residing within you, waiting to alleviate your burdens of fixed magical rituals and set your will free.


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