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New Courses & Facilities on Arcanorium starting December 2018 and January 2019.

(Published at December 05, 2018 | By pete2)

The Classical Elements. A Magical Theory course; - The ideas of Empedocles about Earth Air, Fire, and Water have informed the esoteric arts for two and a half millennia. Can we still find some use and meaning in them? Taking Classical, Medieval Renaissance, and Modern sources and the Neoplatonic Chocolate Screwdriver from Specularium and Liber 555 from The Epoch as starting materials we shall see if we can forge onwards from there.

Problems and Challenges A Problem-Solving Facility. A Forum for participants can present their own and the methods they use to solve them magically. This provides a forum for feedback and suggestions, and secondly will provide an archive of case histories of strategies and tactics that did and did not work.

Finding Cups -Seeking Divination & Apophenia in the Environment. A Practical Magic course: - Using the World itself as a scrying instrument. With special contributions from Frater JayO from the coast of British Columbia.

The Magical Link. A Magical Theory and Practise course: - Here we look at one of the trickiest and most problematical aspects of magic – how to establish functioning links across space and time between magician and target in both Enchantment and Divination. Starting January, with special contributions from Frater Hannes of Austria.

(Published at December 02, 2018 | By Albertus)

Here we would like to present an interesting artwork, a 44 page deck of @LaraFlack. Lara was a participant in Apophenia 2 Course started at beginning of 2018. This is a short message from her.

Developed within our Apophenia class, these Tarot cards were born as both a divination tool and an aid to self exploration. Indeed, the very process of creating them was like a journey in the deep territories of the mind, reaching down to the subconscious realm. I had to listen to many of my hidden Selves to help the process go on. Indeed, as @Albertus beautifully reminded me, "if you go to the deepest point inside, you reach to the highest outside". Been watching inwards, in order to see things take shape on the material plane...

Each card had the Apophenia Wand at its very core. I used an image of the beautiful Wand created by @Hannes, though I modified it from card to card... making it looking always slightly different, but endlessly there, always present...

Each card involved both imagery and songs - that is, I included song quotes and tips on which music could be linked to the specific card. This was often the music I was actually listening to during the very Card-making process. The overall feeling was that of a non-physical journey... and a non-physical alchemical experiment, too. Very trippy, even mind-bending at times. And in this slightly altered state (which took place in a natural way) I could notice several synchronicities at work... the proper image at the proper time... Octarine appearing on a CD cover... tentacles suddenly popping out... and the King in Yellow never being too far...

I started the journey with a "sink your heart into your mind" feeling. It initially felt like going nowhere, and it then revealed utterly powerful on the creative side. The very process of making the Cards was in itself a divination... and a way to look at myself, like in a dark mirror.

Apohenia Tarot is meant to be a "shuffle-in-the-dark" card deck. Otherwise the seeker would willingly pick the card they want - not the one they need... since both sides have pictures or info. The process sounds like: you turn lights off (even better if it's night time), shuffle cards, pick one; then, and only then, you light a LITTLE light (a wee torch, a candle; even your smartphone) and direct it to that one card only (the one in your hand).

You may have electronic or otherwise hypnotic / trance enhancing music (or any sort of music you like) playing while doing the shuffle and the reading. Then, if you wish, you can turn to the music track(s) suggested on the back of the card. All of them are available on YouTube, just one click away.

Download the Cards in JPEG of PDF format.

(Published at December 02, 2018 | By Albertus)

Using Ouranian Barbaric language is a way to bypass the psychic censor. It is practical tool for writing invocation and evocation texts, rituals or mantras for daily use. It can be used for many purpose and it just as simple as effective. @krjacksor our kind member of the college made some truly niche work when he created an online English / Ouranian Barbaric translator on lingojam. Some other code, like a csv version of dictionary (primarily downloaded from ChaosMatrix), and a simple command line translation tool also available by his effort. We happily share the links to his works here.

Beyond that, and among many other things, two other applications are also the results of last year of college (works of @Albertus). Both application targeting the visual part of our mind, and stimulates it to enter into unusual states, but on different way. ChaosMirror using the technique of sensory deprivation, while Pentachoron follows the way described in book Esotericon.

Apophenia the tenth muse, the goddess of development may lead us. If you also like her, here you can download her freely available 3D statue.

Dark Star Rising – Magick and Power in the Age of Trump. Gary Lachman.

(published at September 14, 2018 | By pete2)

This book argues that Chaos Magic has made Donald Trump POTUS and that it also made Vladimir Putin Tsar of Russia with the Chaoist Alexander Dugin as his Rasputin. However, the author (an American) barely mentions the role of Chaos Magic in the accomplishment of Brexit. Nevertheless, the book does provide a comprehensive introduction to some of the principles and practices of Chaos magic.

Most if not all political initiatives grow out of shadowy or ‘occult’ beginnings in the realms of fringe religion, philosophy, and metaphysics.

Chaos Magic provides a philosophy and a technology for encouraging rather improbable and unlikely events to occur. Its technical theory predicted the advent of the Pandaemon-aeon well in advance of its current phenomenisation. However, Lachman only quotes Liber Null, so perhaps he didn’t notice the Aeonics material in Liber Kaos. For some source material on the origins of Chaoism he resorts to the second-rate scholarship of Dave Evans who, after failing to get an interview (nobody liked him) simply googled existing disinformation to bulk out his lame PhD thesis.

In this new Pandaemon-aeon, Nothing has Truth and Everything remains Possible. Intent and Imagination trump ‘facts’, expert opinion, and probability, and we make up ‘reality’ as we go along. 

Lachman explores at length the careers and occult antecedents of notable demagogues such as Hitler and Mussolini, yet these deplorables took their cues from the Nietzschean and Crowleyesque occult philosophy of the Triumph of the Will, rather than from the Chaoist Triumph of the Imagination.

Lachman also digresses at length upon various ‘spiritual gurus’ who have mastered the skill of exploiting some peoples need to have meaning and authority imposed. In this he perhaps doesn’t go far enough, as anyone spouting ‘spiritual wisdom’ spews only lies and bullshit.

Chaos Magic never became an exploitative religious or political cult itself despite a couple of (failed) minority attempts to develop such things within or alongside it, precisely because it gave away the secrets of how to do this to all commers, thus proofing them against it.

Lachman notes that the occult seems mainly associated with right wing political initiatives although he mentions the so far ineffectual Witches against Trump campaign. The liberal centre and left seem to have missed a trick here in recent decades by presenting their ideas in purely rationalistic terms lacking in imaginative glamour and charisma. By allowing vociferous minorities to write the book on politically correct thought-speech, the liberal centre and left have handed the radical right the opportunity to present themselves as heroic free-thinking rebels.

That mystically inspired conservative initiatives can, with the passage of time, mutate into an equally oppressive materialistic liberal absolutism may come as a surprise to many, so it seems refreshing that Lachman details the Synarchy or ‘Total Rule’ philosophy lurking within the European Union project.

Overall, Lachman has written a fascinating analysis of how esoteric and occult ideas have had political consequences, without descending too far into the murky pits of conspiracy theory.    

Chaos Magic has become appropriated by the Right, partly in response to its appropriation by the Left.

The Left has increasingly relied on such magical techniques as: -  

Ritual Incantations that constrain conscious and subconscious thinking - Politically Correct  'Thoughtspeak'. 

Retroactive Enchantment - Who controls the past (by rewriting or erasing or reinterpreting it) controls the future. (George Orwell)  

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