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Inspired by Peter J. Carroll and Matt Kaybrynn’s version of the Eight Planetary Gods as revealed in the 2nd Grimoire of The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos,  we will offer a monthly embodied ritual course to evoke and invoke each of the Eight Planetary Gods.

We shall start by preparing a specific series of Epoch Planetary instruments that will serve as tools of divination, enchantment, evocation, invocation, and illumination.

We will then proceed, as a group, to the Evocation and Invocations of 8 Planetary Gods in the following order: Venus, Mars, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Sol and Ouranous.  

At the end of the course each participant will be asked to create their own ritual from the ground up based on one of the bi-planetary connections and share it with the group.

The course is designed to be a co-creative journey where we build a new body of knowledge to be shared with future magicians. We are going to leave behind old constructs of these Gods and as a group reinvent them. The course will allow you to journey through all 9 conjurations or just stop along the way and visit the individual God-Forms that call to you.


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