1. The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos.

    By Peter Carroll and Matt Kaybryn

    The Epoch - Hardbound Folio Book & Altar Icon Card Deck.

    A New title from writer Peter J Carroll with Artist Matt Kaybryn.

    The Book: This fully illustrated and illuminated hardback opens with a detailed historical resume of magical and esoteric thought (where it came from and where it may go) before presenting the reader with three complete grimoires.

    The Deck: A Cartomagical tool for the 21st century, the Deck presents54 glorious Altar Icons spanning the three Spheres of Elements, Bi-Planets and Stellar god-forms.
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The Esotericon

Covering 212 pages and a spacious 270mm x 230mm format, this large, superbly produced hardbound book contains extensive text by Peter J Carroll and over 50 large full colour illustrations from Matt Kaybryn. Carroll's text begins with a historical resume of magical and esoteric thought (where it came from and where it may go) before moving on to present the reader with three complete grimoires.

The first grimoire of Elemental magic deals with modern practical magicaltechniques and the classical and modern interpretations of the traditionalelemental symbolism.

The second grimoire of Planetary magic deals with the Pagan and Neo-Paganmagical archetypes or 'god-forms', their contemporary roles in the humancondition, and how the magician can access them for their inspiration and toborrow their abilities.

The third grimoire of Stellar magic deals with the 'Elder Gods', those fociof awesome and dangerous extraterrestrial knowledge and power that await us in the vast deep reaches of the cosmos. This grimoire constitutes the latest upgrade to the ever evolving Necronomicon.

Complementing and supporting the grimoires, further chapters deal with the history of symbolism, the creation and/ or the evolution of gods and goddesses, and the physics of parapsychologyand extraterrestrial communication. All in all this book contains enough tokeep any wizard, magician, esotericist or natural philosopher entranced andbusy for quite quite some time to come.

Contents, Dedications, Prologue.

Ch 1 Introduction to The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos.Magic over the Aeons, Elemental, Planetary, & Stellar Magic. - An examination of the origins of the esoteric and magical traditions in late classical antiquity and their revivals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, followed by an analysis of current and possible future developments, including references to the seminal philosophers and magicians involved.

Ch 2 The Portals of Chaos Deck.Tarot History. - The history of the Tarot is not quite what many magicians think it to be. The uses of the Portals Deck: Not just for Divination, but a more extensive toolkit for Evocation, Enchantment, Invocation, and Illumination as well. The Esotericon Tree, Chaobala: The Tree of Life (& Death) upgraded with wider cosmological perspectives than previously available to the wizards and natural philosophers of the past.

Ch 3 Elemental and Elementary Magic. The 1st Grimoire.The Realm of the Elements and a Basic Magical Primer. - The origins of the ideas of the four (or five) classical elements along with modern interpretations and extensions, plus how to do practical magic, explained in the simplest terms. Baphomet: A modern conception of 'The Spirit of the Earth', the Egregore of this, our home planet, and its development from Shamanic times to the present Aeon.

Ch 4 Theometry & Aeonics.A History of the Gods and Paradigm Shifts. - The co-evolution of humanity, its gods and goddesses, its archetypes and philosophies, and the directions in which we have already taken each other - and to which we may take each other in the future.

Ch 5 Planetary Magic. The 2nd Grimoire. The Planetary and Bi-Planetary God-Forms. - A Pantheon of 36 'god-forms' drawn from many sources and cultures to create a more complete neo-pagan psycho-cosmology of the human condition for the 21st century.

Ch 6 Cosmology. Strange Physics Interlude 1. Alien Life & The Perfect Cosmological Principle. - The universe now looks immensely larger than all but a few ever suspected, and it contains vast numbers of sources of higher intelligence.

Ch 7 Omnality. Strange Physics Interlude 2. Quantum Omnality in a Non-Local Universe. - : An examination of some cutting-edge quantum hypotheses which suggest that the higher knowledge of advanced alien intelligence remains potentially available to us.

Ch 8 Stellar Magic. The 3rd Grimoire. Stellar Metaphysics. Necronomicon Prologue. Necronomicon Commentary. The Necronomicon. - A Chaos Magic based approach to accessing the awesome and potentially terrible knowledge and power held by those Alien Entities that appear to us as The Elder Gods.


1) Alien Elements. - An example of how some Alien Intelligences conceptualize basic reality in a self-consistent manner that looks rather different to ours.

2) Elements, Geomancy, Planets. - An upgrade to traditional Geomancy to include the whole solar system and beyond.

3) The Hypersphere Equation. An addendum to The Octavo. - Apophenia appears to have withheld this simple, beautiful, and elegant solution as some sort of a reward for finishing THIS work - She seems a tease as well as a Muse.

4) The Joy of Texts. A humorous poem by Ronald Hutton. A sort of banishing by laughter. - Simply so good we had to put it in.

Endpieces. - Platonic-Pagan-Monotheism or Quantum-Neo-Paganism?
References. - Some other seminal works you should read if you haven't already done so.
Dramatis Personae. - Notes on the lives and works of Bruno, Mathers, Crowley, Lovecraft, Grant, Carroll, and Kaybryn.
Afterword. - The futures.

The Portals of Chaos - Altar Icon Deck

Fifty four cards, plus a title card, resuming images of the following Elemental, Planetary and Bi-planetary, and Elder god forms: -

The Elemental forms The 'Archangels' of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether & Baphomet.

The Planetary and Bi-Planetary forms

Ouranos, Odin, Ma'at, Athena, Lucifer, Apophenia, Thoth, Isis, Saturn, Osiris, Choronzon, BaronSamedhi, Kali, Anubis, Hecate, Jupiter, Thor, JHVH, Juno, Vulcan, Dionysus, Mars, Horus, Eris, Loki, Ishtar-Astarte, Sol, BVG & Child, Bob-Legba, Asherath, Venus, Pandora, Babalon, Mercury, Pareidolia, Luna.

The Elder God forms, an Evocation form and an Invocation form for each

Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth.

The Esotericon

Folio Volume of 216 pages in a 240x270mm format. Illuminated, Illustrated and Printed in luxurious full colour.

The volume is printed on archival quality 150gsm paper and sewn into a matte laminated, rounded, board binding.

The cover print features a reproduction of magically aquired talisman, produced over months of devotional work.

The Portals of Chaos

Deck of 55 Altar Icons (Including title) Large Format, 230mm x 143.7 mm

The Deck is printed on 250gsm Silk Board, Varnish Sealed and Gloss laminated.

The corners have been rounded for longevity.